The Family

I am taking a marriage class in school. In this class we have been discussing defending marriage. This video was shared in class:


Every week for class I get to write in this blog and when this topic was introduced, I panicked a little bit. I was afraid that if I shared my thoughts and views on marriage, I would be attacked like Ryan was. That I would become the “uneducated bigot” in other people’s eyes.

In the Proclamation to the World, we are told that “marriage between man and a woman is ordained of God.” We are taught that our “gender is an essential characteristic of individual pre-mortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose.” And in the temples we are sealed to our spouses for eternity making it possible to be with our families and to progress in the eternities.

I have friends and family who are part of the LGBT community and I care about them very much. I want them to be happy. Because I know the plan of salvation does not work without the family unit, I know that same-sex happiness will not last in the eternities. This is why defending marriage is so important to me.




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