The Little Things


This month Preston and I celebrated our five-year anniversary. Being a milestone year I have had plenty of time to reflect. We have been through a lot together. We we have grown into family of four. We have two boys and a dog (golden retriever). Looking back on these years I have felt blessed to have my husband be the one I rely on.

“A good marriage does not require a perfect man or a perfect woman. It only requires a man and a woman committed to strive together toward perfection.” -Dallin H. Oaks

Preston and I are nowhere near perfect. We have had our fair share of challenges but today I want to talk about what we do to work toward that goal of perfection.

e003c79c22a773324fe5defaf794d362.jpgThe first and most important is placing God at the top of our love triangle. The closer we are to God, the closer our relationship is. We help each other become closer by encouraging each other to do the little things; read scriptures, say prayers, go to church, ect. When we were first married, we set a goal to go to the temple once a week. This scared me! I was a little freaked out about the temple the first few times because I didn’t understand all of it. But I knew that every time we were there I always left feeling full of peace and always happier with Preston. As I learned more I began to love being in the temple.

The next is to put the spouse’s needs before my own. Preston is much better at this one than I am so I am going to share him as an example. I deal with depression and Preston watches out for me. He seems to always know what I am in need of. Some days he cleans the house before going to work because he knows I could use a little less worry that day. Sometimes he stays home or  works from home when he can sense I shouldn’t be alone that day. Yes, sometimes I have to tell him what I need, but he has taken the time to know me well enough to anticipate my needs.

Last but definitely not least, be best friends. Date each other! Before Preston and I got married we went on some epic dates (sky diving, hiking, ect.). And we had so much fun, but we also spent a lot of money. Once we were married the money ran a little short, and two kids later our time ran short as well. Now we try to make the effort to have a date night once a week. To help with those challenges we do date night trade off with another couple. We plan two weeks a month, one week we take all the kids, the other week we get to go out on a date.

For our wedding we got a picture frame with a quote from President Thomas Monson it says “Choose your love, love your choice.” And that is what I want to do.

I would love to hear form you! What are some of your favorite at home date ideas? Leave a response in the comments below!



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